Hobart EZ-TIG 165i Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

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Last Updated on January 3, 2023

A good welder can cost thousands of dollars and still not meet all your needs, but Hobart makes one welder that we think is worth the price. The EZ-TIG 165i has an easy to use design that anyone with welding experience will understand. It also has one convenient button on the front and a simple interface.

With amperage control and an optional fan, this welder can handle the hardest of TIG welding jobs but will also work for stick applications. You can discover all the benefits of the 165i and all the reasons why it ranks as such a popular model in our detailed review.

Hobart EZ-TIG 165i

Hobart EZ-TIG 165i
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165A.
  • Amperage Range: 10 - 165A.
  • Compact size lets you save space.
  • EZ interface places the single control in a convenient spot.
  • Post-flow setting reduces waste and saves on energy costs.
  • Shutdown feature turns the welder off when it reaches the maximum temperature.
  • Weighs around 40 pounds.
  • 3-year warranty.

Detailed Hobart EZ-TIG 165i Review & Breakdown

While there are many reasons to love the 165i, let's look at its size first. Other welders are heavy and have a bulky design, but this model weighs around 40 pounds and has a convenient carrying handle. Though Hobart lists its weight at 50 pounds, many users found that it weighed less when they got it.

The EZ in the welder's name refers to just how easily you can use it. Even those with less welding experience will quickly understand how the control works and how to set up the machine. You do not need to do any special assembling or take any other steps to use it.

Hobart is one of the few manufacturing companies left in the United States and makes this welder in a facility in Ohio. While that might not mean much to some, it lets you know that the company cares about its workers and its shoppers. Some customers did find that the manufacturer offers little in the way of customer support and that it didn't respond quickly to their problems.

One of the top features of the 165i that you will like is the fan on-demand option. When you weld, you risk debris blowing into the welder and damaging it. This welder includes an option that lets you turn the fan on and off to stop anything from getting into the machine.

As a welder with an inverter base, this model provides consistent power too. It reduces the amount of power that the welder uses to lower your energy bills but provides enough power that you get a consistent arc as you weld. If you need to adjust the size of that arc, you can use the control on the machine.

The exterior of the 165i uses real steel, which creates a rugged shell around the machine that protects it on job sites. This case features a large handle on the back and a second handle towards the front to let you carry it with both hands or just one. There is also an infinite amperage control that lets you change the arc for use in any application.

If you worry about your hands cramping as you weld, you can use the optional foot control. This gives you the freedom to use the 165i while controlling the machine via the foot pedal. This pedal plugs into the back of the machine and won't get in your way.

During certain types of welding, you risk other materials contaminating your machine. This model has a non-contact start that reduces the risk of contamination. You can use the machine for welding and get just the pure materials that you need.

Certified by major organizations because it meets safety standards, the 165i is a welder that meets all standards in North America. You can use it on job sites in the United States or Canada. It also comes with a warranty that covers some parts for one full year and other parts for three to five years.

The EZ-TIG 165i is one of the few welders that we recommend for both professionals in the middle of their careers and welders just entering the job market. It is also suitable for hobbyists who want to practice their welding at home. Though the 165i is more expensive than some of the other hobbyist models, it's really a great little welder for those who can afford it.

Specs, Pros and Cons

Thanks to the 165i, you can get to welding quickly and reduce the waste that you would usually produce. We wanted to make sure that you felt confident buying this model over some of the other welders that we reviewed, which is why we included a section on the specifications of the 165i. You'll also find a list of the welder's pros and cons that will come in handy as you shop.


  • DC welder designed for use with steel.
  • Amperage Range: 10 - 165A
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 165A
  • Measures nine inches tall by 5.5 inches wide.
  • Weighs around 40 pounds.
  • Closed circuit technology.
  • 120 and 240V plugs in.
  • Warranty: 3 Year.
Hobart EZ-TIG 165i


  • Ranked as one of the best welders on the market.
  • Compact size lets you save space.
  • Requires only a few steps to weld.
  • EZ interface places the single control in a convenient spot.
  • Shutdown feature turns the welder off when it reaches the maximum temperature.
  • Post-flow setting reduces waste and saves on energy costs.
  • Includes a fan setting that keeps the welder from picking up debris.


  • The cooling fan may stop working.
  • Requires the use of other tools.
  • The manufacturer doesn't offer much in the way of customer service.

Final Verdict

Hobart EZ-TIG 165i

When you spend $1,000 or more on a brand new welder, you want to make sure that it will work for all the applications and jobs on your schedule. The EZ-TIG 165i from Hobart is a great welder that is both portable and easy to use. You can change the welder via the single control on the front and use the built-in handle to carry it.

This portable tig welder is perfect for workers who need to take on jobs in the field and for those who move from one job site to another daily. If you can afford the high price tag, you won't be disappointed in the Hobart EZ-TIG 165i. For more TIG welder reviews, be sure to browse around!