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Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson 

Senior Editor

Welders can make beautiful metal art pieces for use in their home, as gifts for others, or sell for profit. Welding metal art sculptures can be simple if you’re a beginner, but more experienced welders can add complexity to their creations.

There are different types of metals suitable for use in various environments, and you can often purchase metal at reasonable prices. Because the only limit is your imagination, welding metal sculptures is a great activity you can enjoy for many years.

If you're still a beginner, here are a few simple but good ideas for your next metal creation.

Metal Art Sculpture Coat Rack

Many hallways have store-bought, plain coat racks. Brighten up your front entrance by designing a coat rack in the shape of a person with horizontal arms with embedded hooks for holding clothing. 

You could also use a different coat rack design that attaches to the wall. Consider spelling your name using metal and using screws to hold the flat side in place. You can place hooks on the other side for hanging coats, hats, and scarves. 

Depending on the weight of the items you hang in your hallway, you can use more robust metals such as stainless steel or wrought iron. Avoid designing your sculpture with a lightweight metal such as tin since it could buckle under a heavy load.

Metal Art Sculpture Curved Log Rack

If you spend a lot of time in a room with a natural fire, log racks are a useful addition. There’s no need to settle for a standard bucket-shaped holder because you can weld an attractive design that uses a curved loop to hold standard-sized logs. 

You can be as creative as you like with the frame and finish your metal art sculpture with a side section for placing logs. Because most metals are heat-resistant, a welded structure is ideal for next to a hot fire.

Metal Art Sculpture Fish-Shaped Kitchen Utensil Holder

Add an ocean theme to your kitchen with a fish-shaped utensil holder. Because kitchen tools are lightweight, you can use tin with a shiny surface that makes a striking feature. 

The fish design sits as the centerpiece of this metal art sculpture, and you can put several spikes that extend upward from the main body. Utensils hang over the points, making them easily accessible when located on the kitchen wall.

Metal Art Front Yard Rebar Nature Sculpture

Rebar is useful for industrial purposes when strengthening concrete for support with tension and more substantial loads. However, you can heat rebar metal to make it pliable and create stunning designs to place in your yard. 

Animal lovers could design a metal art sculpture in the shape of their dog or cat. Welding rebar metal into a cobweb shape is a great way to make a gate or a window guard without unnecessary expense.

Metal Art Sculpture Backyard Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent addition to your backyard at any time of year. It can keep you warm on a cold winter's night and add heat as the long summer nights draw to a close. Welding a metal art sculpture fire pit allows you to create the size and shape that fits best in your backyard. 

For some welding sculpture ideas, you could create a fire pit with wings with the fuel chamber as the centerpiece for an aeronautical theme. If you have the skill to weld intricate designs, it’s possible to recreate a famous scene from a movie by cutting the shapes into the side of the fire pit. 

Wrought iron is decorative and has heat-resistant properties that make it an ideal choice when creating a welded fire pit sculpture.

Metal Art Sculpture Garden Trellis

Welding a garden trellis can make a stunning art sculpture that fulfills a practical purpose in your garden. If you are new to welding, you can manufacture a lattice without more delicate detailing, while an experienced welder can include intricate patterns that look fantastic in your yard.

You can tailor the shape of your welded garden trellis sculpture to meet various plant species’ demands. If you have vertical climbing plants, your trellis can be tall and narrow, whereas flora that spread into more expansive areas can use a horizontal shape for added support. 

Because plants eventually take over a garden trellis, they can cover up any minor imperfections if you have issues when welding the metal into shape.

Metal Art Famous Landmark Sculptures

Making famous landmark metal art sculptures is a fantastic way to learn different welding techniques. You can choose more straightforward designs such as a pyramid or test your skills with structures such as the Eiffel Tower. 

If you have a friend or family member who is a sports fan, why not weld metal into the shape of their favorite team’s arena as a cherished gift? This design can even be a useful addition as a bowl for holding car keys or coins.

Metal Art Historical Sculptures

Many ancient civilizations used bronze to create artwork. Bronze is a durable metal with aesthetic appeal that makes it an excellent choice for art pieces for display in your home or a commercial environment. 

History buffs can recreate their favorite sculptures using welding metal, and you can move between civilizations to add variety to your creations. Many people purchase replicas of historical art, so mastering your welding technique could lead to lucrative business opportunities. 

You can also find welding sculpture ideas in local antique stores, recreating famous sculptures that sell most often. Even if you eventually don’t make a new career of welding historical sculptures, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in civilizations of the past and learn more about their culture. 

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Final Thoughts

Your imagination is the only limit when thinking of metal welding sculpture ideas. The many metal types you can use make it easy to get materials. You can create practical metal art sculptures useful in the home or garden, design fun shapes, or combine the two ideas.

Welding metal art sculptures is a lot of fun and can be an excellent way to relax and indulge your creative side.


Frank Wilson, or the “Elder Welder” as he is now known in his late middle age, has 23 years of experience in the welding industry, across every project imaginable. Pipe welding and underwater welding were his stock in trade for years before his partial retirement.